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Frequently Asked Questions:
How much do Sedu Flat Irons cost?
The only drawback of the Sedu is that it comes with a pretty hefty price tag. You can expect to spend anywhere around $200 depending on the retailer. If you luck into a sale, you can sometimes find them at a less expensive price. Since the Sedu is only available through select salons and certain authorized websites, you need to be careful and make sure the retailer is authorized by Sedu. We researched and found the cheapest prices on these flat irons through (an authorized retailer!) We found the best listing for each model and have organized them in our Flat Iron store for your convenience. The prices range from around $100 to around $130 (instead of $200!) And in addition, you won't have to go on a wild goosechase to find a high quality flat iron at a reasonable price.

Can I adjust the temperature of my Sedu?
Sedu flat irons come equipped with an easily adjustable temperature dial for an accurate temperature setting. The dial can be adjusted to any temperature from 240 ºF - 410ºF (120°C - 200°C). The wide range of temperatures ensures that you will be able to use the setting that is best for your hair type. For bleached, fragile, damaged and fine hair, lower settings are advised. For normal hair and regular use, a middle range is recommended. If you have coarse, thick, or ethnic hair, higher heat settings should be used. If your hair is normal, but seems to be especially resistant to heat styling, then a higher heat setting is also recommended to help reduce styling time and effort.

Can I use Sedu on African American hair?
The Sedu can be used on all hair types including ethnic hair. As mentioned above, the wide temperature range makes it ideal for use on any hair type from very fine and fragile, to thicker and coarser hair types. Sedu's patented technology allows it to produce a look that is unsurpassed by that created by other flat irons regardless of your hair type. The Sedu is fully capable of transforming coarse hair into sleek and shiny hair. It's versatility makes the Sedu perfect for brittle, damaged hair and coarse, stubborn hair alike.

How long will it take to straighten my hair?
Because of the solid ceramic/tourmaline plates, the Sedu offers a higher concentration of negative ions, which gives it the capability of styling your hair in half the time of other irons. If you have especially long or extra thick hair, you're in luck. The widely adjustable temperature also allows you to turn up the heat to a temperature that can decrease the time and effort needed to straighten your hair.

How do I determine which flat iron width is best for my hair?
In most cases, the length of your hair should be used to determine which width of flat iron to purchase. If you have short to medium length hair, the Sedu 1” flat iron is best. The Sedu 1 ½” flat iron is better if your hair is medium to long. However, if you have thick or exceptionally curly hair, even if it is shorter in length, it is best to go with the Sedu 1 ½” flat iron to help make styling a bit quicker and easier.

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