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Sedu Flat Irons are known world wide for their quality and results. But, in addition to owning one, you will need to know how to use it! In order to ensure you achieve the Sedu hairstyles you desire, we have provided the following Sedu Hairstyling Tutorial. Following these step by step instructions will help ensure that you attain the sleekest, shiniest results possible.

Before you do anything, you will need to start with clean, dry hair. Follow these Sedu Hairstyle guidelines from start to finish for optimal results:

Wash hair in warm water with a high quality shampoo. Rinse with warm water. Then, treat with a high quality moisturizing conditioner. Depending on the conditioner, you may want to leave the conditioner in your hair for a few minutes to give your hair added moisture. If you straighten your hair frequently, you will want to use a weekly deep conditioner to help maintain your hair's vitality. After conditioning hair, rinse in cool water. Washing your hair in warm water helps the hair cuticle to open up, allowing you to get rid of build up during the shampoo. Once your hair is clean, rinsing it in cool water after your conditioning treatment helps the hair shaft to close and smooth itself, simultaneously sealing in moisture and enhancing the conditioning treatment. When the hair shaft is smooth instead of rough, each individual strand is more reflective and shiny. This gives your hair luster and sheen. After you rinse your hair, applying a leave-in conditioner is the perfect final step to give your hair the most moisture prior to drying and styling.
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Be sure to start by using your fingers or a towel to gently squeeze out excess moisture in a downward motion keeping hair flat to help keep the hair cuticle closed. Do not dry hair vigorously with your hands or a towel. Next, apply a heat protectant product as well as a calming or straightening serum. Many products act as a heat protectant AND straightening serum in one. We have compiled some of these products in our store, so you will have an idea of what types of products are ideal. Applying such a product will help keep your hair soft and flexible, make it easier to straighten, and prevent any heat damage.

Next, select your brush. For most sedu hairstyles, you will want to use either a large round brush, or a large flat brush. Whichever style brush you use, make sure the brush's bristles are made of boar's hair. Plastic bristles and some other types of brushes can actually rob hair of moisture and nutrients. Natural boar's hair bristles help keep essential oils and healthy moisture in your tresses where it belongs. Use downward strokes with your brush. Make sure that you dry your hair with the hairdryer tip pointed downward along the direction of your hair. Be sure not to point the dryer in the opposite direction as your hair. This will cause the hair cuticle to become rough and hair will be less reflective once your style is finished. Continue with your hairdryer just until hair is dry and flat. Do not over-dry your hair. Also, keep in mind that it is not recommended to use the Sedu flat iron on wet or damp hair.

Next, you will use your Sedu Flat Iron to create the Sedu Hairstyles of your choice. Before you start, be sure you are using the Sedu with the correct plate size. For long hair, the 1.5" Sedu is best. For shorter hair, use the 1" Sedu iron. When it comes to straightening, be semi-conservative with the heat level of your Sedu flat iron, which ranges from 240 degrees to 450 degrees. Because of their patented 'infra-red technology", Sedu Flat Irons are more efficient than any other flat irons. The Sedu is plenty effective on medium heat levels (300 - 370 degrees). There is no need to use it on the highest heat setting unless your hair is especially stubborn or coarse. If your hair is fine or brittle, be sure use a very low heat setting. Once you begin straightening, work with small, two-inch sections of hair. By using two-inch sections, you will be able to straighten each section quickly with just one or two straightening applications. Using thicker sections will only result in needing many more heat transactions over each section. Straightening small sections will give you the most even result. You will want to start by straightening the sections near the bottom of your scalp. Work your way across the bottom layers of your hair and then move on to the next layer up. As you work your way from the bottom layers up, you may want to use clips to keep the upper layers of your hair out of the way.

Once hair is straightened, you can finish off your look and add even more gloss and shine by applying a finishing product: options include using a shine enhancing finishing spray or appyling a small amount of a glossing product. Be conservative in your application of these products. Using too much can weigh your hair down. Using the right amount will ensure your hair looks shiny, healthy and natural.


Your Sedu Flat Iron can be used to create a wide variety of Sedu Hairstyles including stick straight, soft waves, as well as flipped out and flipped in styles. (For more complicated styles, like up-do's and pulled back styles, the Sedu still provides the gorgeously glossy sheen that is an essential basis for any must-have hairstyle.)

Hair Length: Generally, the 1” Sedu is best for short to medium hair. The narrower plate helps with the more specific styling that short hair requires. Also, 1" Sedu will make it easier to create wavy or more complicated styles for most hair lengths. The 1.5 plate width is a must if you have medium to long hair. The wider plate helps decrease styling time for these longer lengths. It's especially helpful when styling very long hair and thicker hair.

Hair Type: If possible, it is best to follow the guidelines above and choose your Sedu based on your hair length. The exception to this is if you have coarse or very curly hair (long or short). The 1.5" Sedu hair straighteners are recommended for those who have especially thick, coarse or curly hair because the wider plate will help minimize effort as well as styling time. For fine hair, you will still want to select the Sedu according to your hair length but then use one of the lowest temperatures to ensure you avoid any damage to your hair.

Select the style you desire:

One of the most popular looks that Sedu users want to achieve is the sleek, stick-straight Sedu hairstyle. To get this look, insert a 2-inch section of hair between the plates, then squeeze the handle together and glide slowly through hair from the roots to the ends. Maintain a smooth, steady straightening motion and keep your Sedu Flat Iron perfectly straight throughout the length of your hair. Most importantly, keep your Sedu straight through the tips of your hair. Do not angle the iron unless you want a flipped in or out look (See below).

Soft Body
Your Sedu can also be used to add soft, smooth body to your hair. To create this look, insert a 2-inch section of hair between the plates of your Sedu Iron and gently squeeze the handle together. Glide iron to the ends, then wind hair back around the iron. Release plates.

Flipped Out
Insert a 2-inch section of hair between the plates, then squeeze the handle together and glide slowly through hair from the roots, slightly flip out the ends.

Flipped In
Insert a 2-inch section of hair between the plates, then squeeze the handle together and glide slowly through hair from the roots, slightly flip in the ends.

By following this styling guide, you will be able to achieve that coveted, sleek lustre and sheen with your Sedu flat iron. Be sure to give yourself time to practice, because by practicing, you will be able to improve your skills and be able to style your hair in less time and with even better results. Enjoy your new Sedu hairstyle!

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