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Sedu ceramic ionic flat irons are available for purchase only from approved retailers. Our Flat Iron store enables you to purchase Sedu Flat Irons from the only authorized online retailers of Sedu Flat Irons:

To purchase a Sedu product in person, you will still need to ensure that you purchase your Sedu from an approved retailer. Only approved retailers can provide the Sedu product warranty. If purchased from an approved online retailer or approved Salon retailer, Sedu flat irons carry a one year limited warranty against defects caused by faulty material or workmanship. Keep in mind that damages due to improper handling of the iron relating to the steel parts, plastic parts, and the flex cord are not covered by the warranty. In addition, if you purchase any from an unauthorized website or retailer, include Ebay, you will lose the Sedu product warranty. Be careful to make sure that the Salon you’re buying your product from is legitimate and has the backing of the Sedu company. If it doesn’t, you will most likely be paying for an inferior product.

The official Sedu Website doesn't sell the flat irons, but it does provide information on the Salons and Specialty Beauty Supply Stores that are authorized to carry their products. There are about 75 approved Salons worldwide. If you need to purchase the flat iron in person instead of online, copy and paste this url into your browser to go to the page on their site that lists the approved Salons: Hopefully there will be an approved salon near you.

About Sedu Beauty:
SeduBeauty is owned by American Beauty Supply, Inc, which is located in Plainsboro, NJ. They are known as one of the leading hair beauty companies in the professional beauty circle. The Sedu brand has pioneered the use of ceramic technology in beauty appliances.Their world famous ceramic ionic flat irons are the best available hair straighteners on the market today.

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