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Want to know how it works? Here's what makes the Sedu flat iron so special:

Patented Solid Tourmaline and Ceramic Plates
Sedu flat irons are the only irons with plates constructed of solid tourmaline and ceramic. These naturally moist substances infuse moisture and shine deep into the hair strand. Tourmaline is a precious stone that has the ability to release negative ions when heated. These negative ions are beneficial because they prevent damage to the hair cuticle, but simultaneously infuse moisture and shine into the hair shaft during straightening. As this "Infra-red heat technology" infusion of negative ions seals in moisture, hair gains lustre. Hair maintains that healthy, shiny sheen that is oh so difficult to keep when frequently straightened. The result is that coveted, glossy smooth finish that Sedu Flat Iron users achieve.

Other 'ceramic" flat irons are merely coated with a thin plate of the material. Some of these other flat irons will eventually straighten hair, but only at your hair's own expense! They dry out hair and cause extensive damage to the hair shaft. The plates heat unevenly and scorch the hair cuticle in some places while leaving it rough and untreated in other spots. In addition, the strength and moisture in your hair is depleted. Over time, hair becomes brittle, weak and even more difficult to manage. Sedu Flat Iron: Patented micro smooth solid ceramic & tourmaline platesBecause its plates are made of solid ceramic and tourmaline, the Sedu releases up to five to six times the amount of negative ions and healthy energy as any other flat iron, cutting your hair straightening time in half. Even though the styling time is shorter, the Sedu still offers more protection for your hair than any other flat iron.

Color treated hair is also better off with the use of Sedu hair straighteners. The infra-red technology helps prolong colour by protecting your hair, sealing the cuticle and locking in moisture. Hair is kept strong, healthy and color treatments remain vibrant. Your hairstyling efforts even last longer too!

Micro Smooth Plates
The Sedu ceramic flat iron plates are engineered to be micro smooth. Hair strands glide smoothly through the silky, ultra smooth plate surfaces.This ensures that you can maintain a smooth, steady straightening motion as you style your hair. The uniquely smooth plates Sedu Flat Iron: Micro-smooth plateseliminate any pulling, snagging and breakage that occurs with conventional metal-plated flat irons.

Variety of Heat Settings
Sedu Irons offer a wide variety of heat settings, as well as ultra accurate temperature control. Each Sedu features a temperature dial that can be set at any temperature from 240 ºF - 410ºF (120°C - 200°C), low to high. The temperature control of the flat iron gives you the freedom to adjust it to specific temperatures depending on your hair's needs. The Sedu is so efficient that using the highest heat setting isn't always necessary. For normal hair, medium or lower heat settings are all you need to achieve that Sedu look. The temperature variety makes it perfect for delicate, brittle, or damaged hair as well as coarse, difficult or stubborn hair. Regardless of your hair type, the Sedu hair straightener will allow you to maintain the healthiest, undamaged hair possible. All while still getting that sleek, super straight look you've always wanted.

25 Second Heat up Time
The Sedu hair straightener's quick heat up time allows you to use it right when you need it, cutting down on your styling time. It reaches maximum heat in less than 25 seconds and takes even less time to heat when being used on medium and low heat settings (which is usually recommended). Sedu Flat Iron: Ergonamic Design & Swivel CordCombined with the efficiency of the Sedu during actual styling, the quick heat up time ensures you will achieve better results in less time with the Sedu.

Ergonamic Design
The Sedu Flat Iron is ergonomically designed and shaped for effortless styling whether you are styling your own hair, or a client’s hair. Since the Sedu iron itself is constructed of high strength light weight composite materials commonly used in the aerospace industry, both the Sedu 1.5 iron and 1 iron each weigh less than half of a pound!

Swivel Cord and safety plug
In addition to the ergonamic design, all Sedu flat iron models feature a 9' swivel cord, making the Sedu easier to handle. It also preventing tangles. The IDCI plug, which is also standard for all Sedu models, provides added safety by helping to prevent electrical shock. There are models of Sedu Flat Irons available for the United States/Canada, the UK and also Europe. Each model features country compatible specifications.The US/Canada Sedu features the following: 110-120V, 60Hz, 75 watts. The UK features: 220V with three-pin plug.

Model # Plate Width (in.) Compatability
ES-100A 1.0 EUROPE
ES-150A 1.5 EUROPE

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